Carpet Cleaning

The Benefits of Having Your Carpets Cleaned by a Professional

Nearly every house has at least one carpeted room and every homeowner faces the same problems when it comes to keeping their carpets clean. A dirty carpet is not only unsightly, but it can be downright unhealthy.

A vacuum cleaner is fine for getting rid of surface debris like pieces of dirt and hair, underneath those surface fibers can lurk a much more sinister danger. From mites to mold, the deep fibers in your carpet can hold any number of allergens and other risks to your health.

Fortunately, a professional carpet cleaner has the tools to not only restore your carpet to a like-new appearance, but also remove those harmful contaminants that ordinary vacuum cleaners just can’t reach.

There are a great number of reasons to have your carpet professionally cleaned, such as:

Aesthetics – Over time, carpets develop stains in high traffic areas and spots from food, drinks, and dirty feet that a vacuum cleaner can’t remove. You can restore your carpet without the tremendous expense of replacing it just by having it professionally cleaned.

Allergies – Even after allergy season is over, pollen can hide out deep in the fiber of your carpet. A normal vacuum, even one with filters, might do nothing more than stir this pollen up. A professional cleaning system will remove even the deepest spores.

Carpet Life – Keeping your carpet clean and properly maintaining it will help to ensure that the carpet lasts for as long as possible. The cost of regularly cleaning a carpet pales in comparison to replacing your carpet before its lifetime is really over.

Many people decide to rent a carpet shampooer or deep cleaning unit and do the job themselves. Typically, these units are fairly inexpensive, but are also not as effective as equipment used by professionals. Even a powerful cleaner cannot clean as well as a truck-mounted cleaner that the pros use.

There are some very good reasons to go with a professional rather than trying to do it yourself.

Cost – When you rent equipment, you can end up needing to use two or three different machines to do the job thoroughly. It can be expensive to rent all of them and spend as much time as is required to use them properly.

Time – Using rented machines requires hauling them to and from the rental place, getting them in the house, then spending potentially a couple of days cleaning in order to get your carpet as clean as possible. Even then, it may not be enough.

Effectiveness – Not only will rental units not clean the carpet as thoroughly, but wet cleaners can even lead to bigger problems. If the machines don’t completely clean the carpet, moisture can develop underneath and lead to mold!

It’s almost always the case that rental units or standard home equipment doesn’t do the job as well as a pro. The story is no different with carpet cleaning. While it is possible to rent a cleaning machine from the store, and while the store will tell you these machines work like a professional, the truth is that nothing will clean as deeply and thoroughly as a professional cleaning service.

If your carpet is looking tired and worn or if you’re having allergic reactions from the dust kicked up by just walking across your carpet, a professional cleaning service like J & S Carpet Specialist is the only way to ensure that your floors are as clean as you need them to be. Contact J & S Today for a Free in Home Carpet Cleaning Estimate.